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Keely & Ethan

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Keely & Ethan started the day getting ready in the gorgeous guest house at the Exeter Golf Club. With the boys downstairs and the girls upstairs Nicole Alexis Artistry worked her magic on the ladies. Keely's dress hung in the main floor bedroom where she would later reveal to her father and take some photos with Ethan.

With the weather changing constantly we quickly came up with a backup plan and started their photos indoors. Thankfully we had beautiful lighting inside the guest house and when we least expected it the clouds opened up and allowed us an hour for portraits outside!

The beautiful ceremony was held indoors at The Barn which is also a part of the golf course. The celebrations were full of friends and family laughing and mingling before dinner was served and as sunset approached the sun came out allowing us to sneak out onto the course for some relaxed sunset photos!

It's so important to flow with the day and be flexible when things don't go quite as planned and that's exactly what these two did resulting in some of my favourite portraits and a stress free bride and groom!

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